Jeremy Mortimer, Writing for BBC Radio Drama

The workshop with Jeremy Mortimer on writing for radio this month opened up what has always felt to me a world shrouded in charm and mystery.

Jeremy has thirty years of experience of working within the radio broadcasting industry, producing and directing over 200 radio dramas, documentaries and features for BBC Radio. During the course of his talk he expertly explained the ins and outs of this fascinating world and his gentle, warm, humorous manner made everyone comfortable and the workshop enjoyable, as well as full of gold nuggets.

So Radio Drama and Audio Drama - written to be heard and performed in peoples heads, is exploding at the moment with podcasts now also having huge impact. Its a great time to get into this world if you haven’t already.

Top Tips

- First job is to demonstrate a commitment and interest in writing for radio.

-Writing about something you really care about and communicating that passion.

-Writing about contemporary issues - the audio drama world is absolutely crying out for this.

-Get a list of the Radio Drama Writer / Directors you want to work with and court them. Find out what they are about and let them get to know you.

-Don't try to create a specific play in someone's head and therefore over write. Write just enough to captivate people, their imaginations will enjoy doing the rest.

-Let the listening audience becomes the detective and the creative director - give them enough but not too little and definitely don't over populate with extraneous sounds.

Two great places to start becoming part of the industry and understanding its demands are The Radio Drama Company and The Wireless Theatre Company

Finally, the best way to write something great will be to actually write a radio play, perform it with willing actor friends and keep testing it till it works! 

Eki Maria @ekimaria