Creating a Powerful Showreel

It was a thought provoking, highly practical workshop delivered by Anthony Holmes,, rich with up to date industry information, lots of examples to watch and everything pulled together in Anthony's expert, understated way. 

The bottom line I feel, is that an on brand, impactful show-reel with no filler moments or fluff, evocative of the shows you want to be in, and geared for the casting directors you want to work with, is essential.

Top Tips

-Too much range within the show-reel can confuse casting directors - often they want to see a clear type coming through.

- Only have the best parts of scenes as weaker material will make you look weak. Include stuff that represents you exceptionally well.

- A shorter, dynamic show-reel is better that one with scenes that go on past the point where we've got it.

- Start with your most on brand scene

- Avoid monologues have these separate from the main show-reel, The CD needs to see you listening, reacting and responding to another character truthfully,

- Underplayed scenes often communicate your talent better than super dramatic, shouty, screamy, volatile ones.

- Its a good idea to have separate reels for drama, comedy, action, commercials etc so the CD can go straight to what is relevant,

- Make sure scenes with other actors are edited to focus on you.

- Match the look and feel of your headshots with the content of your reel so there is uniformity across your package.

- Don’t re-create famous scenes!

Happy Show-reeling!!

Eki Maria @ekimaria